Workshop information

There are two workshops associated with the MMAP:

  • In-house induction workshop
  • Regional Medicines Management skills workshop

After completing all of the pre-course activities, candidates must attend the in-house induction workshop relevant to the module(s) that they have applied to undertake. This induction workshop has been developed regionally by NICPLD but will be delivered at the candidate’s work-base. The induction workshop has been designed to:

  • highlight the benefits of the delivery of a medicines management service
  • provide an overview of all elements of the module
  • direct candidates to access supporting documentation
  • guide candidates regarding the completion of module documentation
  • provide advice and guidance relating to portfolio development.

The regional Medicines Management skills workshop is a one-day workshop delivered at NICPLD. The aim of the workshop is to consider the range of skills required to competently deliver medicines management services within a clinical- or ward-based setting. This workshop will be offered on two separate occasions in any given calendar year and candidates must complete the workshop when working towards accreditation in a particular module(s).

Last updated: 6th August 2018