The aim of this programme is to accredit technicians to carry out the final accuracy check of dispensed items clinically approved by a registered pharmacist for dispensing. To be accepted on to the course, participants must meet the following criteria:

  • candidate is a qualified pharmacy technician
  • candidate must be registered with NICPLD
  • candidate must have at least two years’ experience as a qualified pharmacy technician working in Northern Ireland
  • candidate has a minimum of six months dispensing experience within the twelve months prior to commencing this programme
  • candidate must have demonstrated their ability to dispense accurately according to locally agreed Standard Operating Procedures
  • candidate has identified a designated educational supervisor who meets the criteria and has supported their application.

The ACPT programme consists of a two-day workshop which is facilitated by pharmacy technicians who have relevant ACPT experience. During the course of the 12 month programme, candidates must compile a log of 1,000 double checked items and evidence of two in-house interviews supporting their competence. To complete the programme, candidates must undertake an OSCE, portfolio review and final appraisal interview at NICPLD. On successful completion of these aspects, the candidate must complete a probation period of 10 working days and thereafter may apply for accreditation as an ACPT. 

Pharmacy technicians qualifying as an ACPT must revalidate their qualification every two years.

Last updated: 6th August 2018