Return to Practice

In supporting those returning to professional practice, we have developed a new programme to ensure that returnees are both confident and competent to practice as pharmacists. This new programme comprises:

1. Two-day workshop

This addresses changes to practice, pharmaceutical services, legislation, and professional obligations, such as CPD and the code of ethics. Part of this workshop involves a practical component, which focuses on dispensing prescriptions and counter prescribing. The practical also looks at why mistakes occur in the pharmacy and how errors can be minimised.

2. Work shadowing

NICPLD arranges (if needed) a work-shadowing placement of up to three days in a community pharmacy convenient to the where the returnee lives. For this, returnees must have their own professional indemnity insurance.

The placement is supported by a portfolio that describes what a pharmacist should be capable of undertaking on their first day on the register. In preparation for the placement, the returnee and a facilitator review the portfolio during the two-day workshop to identify areas where the individual needs most development. This enables the returnee to focus on specific competencies during their placement.

During the placement the returnee completes the relevant competencies of the portfolio and undertakes a series of practice activities as evidence of their competence.

The Return to Practice programme is advertised twice yearly in the NICPLD Live and Distance Learning Programme brochure.