Cookie Statement

A cookie is a small file that is downloaded to your computer when you visit certain websites. Cookies typically store the name of the domain or website you are visiting, the duration or lifetime of the cookie and a content value - typically a randomly generated unique number.

Generally websites use 2 types of cookie - session cookies and persistent cookies. Session cookies are temporary and are eliminated when you close all your browser windows. Persistent cookies remain on your hard drive either indefinitely or for a specified period.

NICPLD does not use cookies to store personal information about people visiting our website and typically a cookie cannot by itself identify you. NICPLD does not use cookies for any purposes other than access control, system security, personal data security, effective monitoring and internal business reporting.

You can choose to manually disable cookies on your computer, or delete existing cookies by adjusting your browser settings. If you normally use more than one browser be sure to adjust each browser's settings individually.

As the NICPLD website requires users to login to gain additional functionality and gain access to user customised facilities, cookies are essential to the website functioning correctly for access control and security. If you do not choose to accept cookies you will be unable to access certain parts of the NICPLD website, e.g. applying for courses, submitting MCQs.

From time to time we may link from our website to external websites that set cookies on your machine, please note such websites are outside NICPLD's control and are not covered by this Cookie statements.

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Last updated: 13th August 2018