CPD Grant Programme

1. Purpose of the CPD grant programme
To provide financial support to enable pharmacists to engage in professional development that is either specialised and/or not available through the NICPLD programme.

2. Scope of programme
Applications are encouraged for, but not limited to, attendance at short courses, conferences and university courses. The CPD grant programme does not cover clinical pharmacy training, which is funded separately.

3. Level of funding
Funding covers course/conference fees, but does not cover travel and subsistence. The sum allocated (up to a maximum of 50% and not more than a single allocation per year of £1,000) will be at the discretion of the NICmPPET, who may decide to allocate a lower percentage, if the CPD grant programme is oversubscribed.

4. Duration of funding
Funding is made for one year, without guarantee of future funding. If a course runs over two years, a separate CPD grant application must be made for the second year.

5. Submission of applications
Applications should be submitted to the Postgraduate Pharmacy Dean of NICPLD in time to be reviewed at the June meeting of the NICmPPET, who will decide on the allocation and level of funding. Applications will only be considered at the September meeting if funding remains unallocated. Retrospective applications for funding will not be considered.

6. Funding criteria
All funding applications must:

  1. relate to the professional development of pharmacists
    1. providing services to HSC
    2. working in Northern Ireland
    3. registered with the Pharmaceutical Society of Northern Ireland
  2. provide a detailed and explicit outline of the training/study to be undertaken
  3. relate to government health policy in respect of HSC services
  4. explain the potential impact of the learning on patient care
  5. indicate the benefit to the profession
  6. priority will be given to applications that have not received funding in the previous year.

In the event that more applications are received than can be funded, the NICmPPET will adjudicate on applications, based on criteria 6.3 - 6.6. The committee may allocate funding at a level less than 50% (and less than £1,000 maximum) to accommodate as many acceptable applications as possible.

7. Conditions of funding
If a pharmacist in receipt of a CPD grant fails to complete the course without satisfactory reason, the NICmPPET would expect funding to be returned.

At the end of their study, recipients of funding will be expected to provide a short report on the impact of their course/study to practice.

CPD grants are awarded to individuals. Thus, recipients of a CPD Grant must pay their course fees and submit a copy of the receipt from the course provider for the full amount to NICPLD. Invoices from the course provider should not be sent to NICPLD. All claims for payment must be submitted before 31 March of the financial year in which they are claimed. Claims submitted after this date cannot be paid.

Submit a CPD grant Application