MMAP Foundation - Working in a Clinical Environment

The aim of the MMAP Foundation is to facilitate the development of the basic key skills and competences of pharmacy technicians who may deliver medicines management roles in a clinical/ward based setting within Hospital Trusts.

The in-practice activities and portfolio development are carried out entirely in-house and must span a minimum of 1 month to a maximum of 12 months from the commencement of the module. This foundation training paperwork matches that of the MMAP, and will prepare pharmacy technicians to undertake reflections, observations and to maintain a portfolio –a requirement for all the MMAP modules.

To be eligible for the programme, candidates must:

  • be aqualified pharmacy technician, or working towards
  • be registered with NICPLD
  • be recommended by the Lead Clinical Pharmacy Technician and have the support of the Trust Pharmacy Manager
  • have been assigned an educational supervisor who supports their application and is familiar with the requirements of the programme
  • demonstrate a good working knowledge of local SOPs to the Trust pharmacy manager or educational supervisor
  • have shadowed ward staff on at least one occasion.

Last updated: 6th August 2018