Post-reg Foundation Programme - FP2

FP2 builds upon FP1, and pharmacists must have completed FP1 before commencing FP2.

A recording of the Post-Reg FP2 (PRFP) launch webinar from wednesday 23rd August 2023 can be viewed at https://vimeo.com/857149839/aac90bac66?share=copy. Click here for a handout of the slides.

The aims of Part 2 of the NICPLD Post-reg Foundation Programme (FP2) are to build on the experience pharmacists gained in FP1, to support patient-focused pharmacists in Northern Ireland to provide proficient patient care, and to provide a ‘stepping stone’ to Advanced Practice. The emphasis in FP2 is on achieving the FP2 learning outcomes, which are based on the outcomes of the RPS Post-registration Foundation Pharmacist Curriculum1, using authentic activities in the workplace.

During FP2, pharmacists will develop a practice portfolio to demonstrate that they have achieved the FP2 learning outcomes. They will undertake practice activities in two different practice areas (or domains) to help them to do this. The FP2 practice activities are tools which have been designed to help pharmacists demonstrate and evidence their achievement of the FP2 learning outcomes. Reflective practice is encouraged and FP2 pharmacists are expected to maintain appropriate Continuing Professional Development (CPD) records.

Throughout FP2, pharmacists will be supported in the workplace by an Educational Supervisor (ES). In larger workplace establishments the ES may be assisted by local Practice Supervisors (PS) who are able to support the FP2 pharmacist’s learning and development and observe their practice on a more routine basis. There are also workshops/webinars and online courses for FP2 pharmacists and a formal assessment process.

Last updated: 6th August 2018