Oral Steriods

High Risk Medicines

May 2022

12.30 pm - 2.00 pm


1.5 hours


  • Ms Cairine Gormley
    Clinical Pharmacist, Western Trust.


To optimise the safe use of steroid medication, with a focus on respiratory conditions, implementation of the new MHRA Steroid cards and the risks of adrenal suppression with high dose steroid use.

Learning outcomes

Having completed this webinar, you will be able to:
  • Recognise the range of steroid medications available, their modes of action, routes of administration and indications for use across several disease states.
  • Understand the side-effects and risks of frequent and/or long-term use of steroids, with a focus on respiratory medications
  • Advise patients and implement use of the new MHRA Steroid Cards
  • Discuss monitoring required with high dose inhaled or oral steroid use and the development of screening tools to identify/prioritise patients at risk.
  • Identify, signpost and advise patients, utilising more than one steroid eg with OTC nasal corticosteroid use – and particularly those with co-existing diabetes/pregnancy
  • Examples of patients where poor inhaler technique/ compliance resulted in overuse of steroids and the criteria to be met for specialised monoclonal antibody therapies.