Courses: Accredited Courses

An accredited course is the term used to describe a programme of learning that is a pre-requisite to service delivery. Services, such as Smoking Cessation, require completion of only one distance learning course, while others, such as Substitution Prescribing, require completion of both live and distance learning component.

Smoking Cessation

Pharmacists who want to become accredited to provide a smoking cessation service must complete the online course Public Health: Smoking Cessation (2014).

However, if you have already completed the previous distance learning courses (2008 or 2012 course), you do not have to complete the new course to remain accredited.

Substitution Prescribing

You must complete the online learning course entitled Substance Use and Pharmaceutical Care (2014) and attend the webinar entitled Substitution Prescribing.

You can view the accredited courses you have already completed in the My Accredited Courses section, which can be found under the My Account link.