Courses: Foundation Programme: Learning resources

The main focus of the Foundation Programme (FP) is on in-practice training and experiential learning in the workplace. This provides FP pharmacists with the opportunity to gain knowledge, skills and experience in three core patient-facing areas (dispensary services, medicines optimisation (MO) and evidence based practice (EBP)), plus one additional optional area relevant to their area of practice (technical services – hospital, or public health - community / primary care). See below for some learning resources and other information to support each practice area.

EBP learning resources:

  1. Answering medicines-related questions in practice
  2. Effective workplace training online course
  3. Patient safety suite of online courses
  4. NHS Hospital Pharmacy Procurement Training website
  5. Pharmaceutical Clinical Effectiveness Programme (PCEP) STEP Select audio lecture

EBP references and useful links:

  1. UK Medicines Information (UKMI) website
  2. Pharmaceutical Clinical Effectiveness (PCE) Programme website
  3. Northern Ireland Medicines Governance Team website
  4. National Patient Safety Agency website
  5. National Patient Safety Agency (2007) Safety in doses: medication safety incidents in the NHS
  6. Department of Health (2004) Building a safer NHS for patients: Improving Medication Safety
  7. Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britian Audit Resource Pack (Ready-to-go series)