Courses: Practice based pharmacist development programme

The Practice-based Pharmacist (PBP) Development Programme has been specifically developed for those pharmacists recruited as PBPs in Wave 4 of the recruitment exercise. The programme is a work-based programme consisting of live workshops, practice activities and the development of a portfolio to evidence your developing competence. The programme aims to develop your competence to undertake the roles expected of a PBP and also to develop your skills in relation to portfolio development, thereby preparing you for the IP programme. The programme will run over 9 months and will finish prior to the commencement of your Independent Prescribing (IP) training in April 2019.

The PBP development programme incorporates relevant competencies from the Royal Pharmaceutical Society (RPS) Foundation Pharmacy Framework (FPF). For the purpose of this programme, the FPF competencies have been review and rationalised to focus only on those that will not be specifically addressed during the course of the IP programme. The IP programme will address the remainder of the FPF competencies along with additional competencies.

Full information relating to the programme is available in the PBP development programme handbook whilst the PBP development programme portfolio user guide provides detailed information relating to the online portfolio. Detailed information and resources to support the practice activities associated with the programme are available here.