Courses: Foundation programme: Practice-based pharmacists

The PBPFP is underpinned by a series of workshops and case-based discussions to support the development of the required competencies. Pharmacists undertaking the programme should attend all of the workshops and having completed each workshop, should record a CPD cycle to reflect on their learning. Completed CPD cycles should be uploaded to the portfolio and mapped to the relevant competence(s).

Workshop Cohort 1 Cohort 2
Understanding and working within the NHS 8th April 2019 3rd June 2019
Medicines optimisation (Part 1) 30th April 2019 18th September 2019
Interpreting lab tests 8th May 2019 10th October 2019
Governance, clinical audit and quality improvement 3rd June 2019 13th November 2019
Collaborative working (Part 1) 18th June 2019 4th December 2019
Therapeutics: Respiratory and Diabetes 5th September 2019 14th January 2020
Clinical assessment and management (Part 1) 18th September 2019 12th February 2020
Clinical assessment and management (Part 2) and CVD therapeutics 10th October 2019 5th March 2020
Collaborative working (Part 2) and Older people/Frailty therapeutics 13th November 2019 1st April 2020
Medicines optimisation (Part 2) 14th January 2020 28th April 2020
Assessment clinic 7th February 2020 7th May 2020