Hours of learning: 3

Tutor(s) Mrs Victoria McConville, Lead Pharmacy Technician for Medicines Management, SHSCT.Mrs Joanne Sutton, Medicines Management Senior Technician, BHSCT.

To equip participants with the knowledge and skills required to undertake the role of an Educational supervisor and to effectively mentor those pharmacy technicians undertaking the ACPT programme.

Intended learning outcomes
Having completed this workshop you should be able to:

For whom
Pharmacists or pharmacy technicians wishing to act as an Educational supervisor for those undertaking the Accredited checking pharmacy technician (ACPT) programme. Pharmacy technicians acting as Educational supervisors must have two years practical experience of being an ACPT and experience of training staff. It is recommended that the mentor is someone from the dispensary team who has the opportunity to meet regularly with the trainee to discuss progress, give feedback and ensure maximum support.